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Tokio Hotel

dim 14 Mai 2023 - horaire : 21h00 - 23h00


During numerous world tours the band has repeatedly set new standards in terms of their fulminant live performances. Brilliant sound productions, astonishing stage sets and sensa-tional costumes form integral parts of their incomparable top-notch live shows.

« The time from the beginning of the pandemic feels like an eternity, for our fans as well as for us. We are incredibly grateful for our fans’ loyalty and can’t wait to finally get back on stage and celebrate with them, » the band explains. « We’ve been working on the show’s set up for months now and are fine-tuning the setlist – because in addition to the songs of the last 15 years, we also want to perform lots of new songs from our upcoming album. »


Date :
dim 14 Mai 2023
Heure :
21h00 - 23h00
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3 Boulevard de Stalingrad
Villeurbanne, 69100 France
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